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The asbestos survey

The asbestos surveys is a legal requirement for all employers or when works are planned.


Under normal occupancy : 


Every employer is obliged to carry out an asbestos inventory of all rooms used by staff as part of the protection of workers to the risks associated with asbestos.


The property managers should also achieve an asbestos inventory for the common and technical rooms of their buildings, and the caretaker accommodation, if necessary. This is an asbestos inventory of non-destructive nature, which is limited to what is visible and accessible in normal use. In Brussels Capital Region, this is one of the points for obtaining the "Ecodynamic Entreprise" label  issued by the IBGE. The legal basis is the Title 3 from Book VI of Code of well-being at work  and the Decree of the Brussels-Capital Region of 10 April 2008.


Before work, demolition, or in any case in Brussels Capital Region : 


The basic asbestos inventory is not enough. The law provides more detailed surveys at the walls, floors, etc. to detect potential asbestos materials which are not accessible during normal use of the premises. This so-called "destructive" asbestos inventory, in respect of the Royal Decree of 16 March 2006, must take place outside occupancy and only with light means.

The aim is to detect the presence of materials containing asbestos prior to the start of a renovation project or demolition; and avoid inadvertent shutdown during the works, causing delays and significant additional costs. Not to mention the first goal: to protect worksite operators and neighbors from the risks of asbestos.
The client must provide the asbestos inventory report to the service provider to ensure that it does not damage materials containing asbestos. On the other hand, the provider must require the asbestos inventory report to the client, to protect its staff. In case of problems, both parties are jointly responsible.

In Brussels, the destructive asbestos inventory is regulated by the IBGE, following a template to respect, both during the inspection and the report writing. This report is part of the environment permit application.
This approach is for us the most comprehensive, and this template is used for all DH-MC surveys.


Buying or selling real estate? Remember asbestos !


The asbestos inventory before buying or selling a particular home is not an obligation. Nevertheless, especially if the property is not in any youth, we can often detect many asbestos containing applications. Which means risks in work and significant costs for the withdrawal (in thousands of euros at least).

Both the seller and the buyer would be well advised to take this step.

  • For the seller, it goes away hidden vices and doubts of his good faith. The absence of asbestos proven black on white is also a good selling argument !
  • For the buyer, knowing the "asbestos state" of the property may weigh in the balance when negotiating the selling price ! 




Asbestos was discovered in your building. All the consequences are not yet clear to you. 


And now? Remove or not ? What is the cost?


The situation should be considered pragmatically, it is our job: