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Asbestos - The legislation

Although the dangers of asbestos have been clearly identified by the 1890's, it will take almost a century, the years 1980 and 1990, before that the use of asbestos to be banned in many countries ; delay which was and still is the cause of the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Successive laws have framed the presence and work with asbestos. So, from articles 124, 135ter, 148 and 723ter of the GRLP and the RD's of 12/15/1978, 28/08/1986 and 29/12/1988, the obligation to asbestos inventory and management program appeared with the Royal Decree of 22/07/1991, with a more concrete definition with the Royal Decree of 22/12/1993. Finally, the Royal Decree of 03/02/2000 extended the scope of the legislation to all workers. Various regional regulations (we're in Belgium ...) have also been published about it.

A distinct regulation has been developed on asbestos at the European level (Directive 83/477 / EEC) and has been transcribed at Belgian level (Royal Decrees of 23/10/2001 and 16/03/2006). For the Brussels Capital Region, the CDBCR of 10/04/2010 determines the specific obligations in Brussels and Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) is issuing environmental permits.


Title 3 from Book VI of Code of well-being at work (chemical, carcinogenic and mutagenic agents) carries authority federally .  (RD of 28/04/2017)

For many years, asbestos has been used in various applications, but since 1 January 2005, the use and placing on the market of products containing asbestos are totally prohibited, either in Belgium or in whole of the European Union.


However, the success of asbestos in past decades does that it exists in various forms in our environment and therefore constitutes a risk to the health of citizens and workers.