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As engineer, Vincent Druart has multiplied experiences in industrial production during the first part of his career, before joining a renowned consultancy firm whose core business is the management of the asbestos problem in buildings.


After 4 years as Technical Director of the Company, it only remained to take the step to independence, with the creation of DH-MC. If, initially, DH-MC was a holding company for redemption of shares, it finally becomes completely an engineering study bureau.


The target is clear : offer to customers the professionalism of an expert, without the heaviness and the costs of a greater structure.


As a freelance subcontractor, DH-MC also operates in collaboration with the specialized office Pégase Environnement sprl (see section 'References').

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Of course, ethics forbids me to mention here the many missions carried out before. But the asbestos consulting engineer job is part of my daily life for years. And this, in all the services offered by DH-MC.

So my missions allowed me to participate in all or part, to projects for individuals, tertiary communities, local authorities, real estate groups, social housing companies, public transport companies, etc. Throughout Belgium. And this for houses, buildings or groups of buildings, technical infrastructure, bridges, etc.


Yes, man often makes mistakes ... So was the case, since the dawn of time, with the use of this fibrous rock which is asbestos. With an explosion of applications during the twentieth century. 

And since the toxicity of asbestos fibers is known, we must now take the problem pragmatically: Do not demonize all materials in place, but approach the problem seriously and professionally. Manage priorities clearly. And act effectively.

For the future...


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